“A Moment to be Sad and Celebrate, too!”

 November 12, 2018 - Bryan and I find ourselves in an emotional roller coaster today.  We had to make the hardest decision one ever makes as a pet owner.  Yesterday, Mitt (namesake of Mitt's Pets of Atlanta) our “Boo” went to heaven. We know for sure he was met with open “paws” by his friends: Ipo, Christy, Peach, Teddy, Chance, and Scarlett.  We are sure they are all surrounding him and showing him the love he so deserves.  Some will be teaching him the “path of peace” he will have now.  No more diabetes, cancer, or pain.  He never showed us any pain only the continuous “unconditional love” he had for us.  Our tears and sadness is a human response, but we will always remember the first day we met him as he walked and looked around our apartment to finally stop sitting, looking up at us “I think I will Stay” was the beginning of a perfect life of love. 

Thanks to our Mitt's Pets family for your expressions of love and support these past few days.   Your pets will help heal the void in our lives and we thank you for always sharing each one with us. I have always felt Mitt's Pets was built upon the idea your pet and owners are part of our family.  May God richly bless each of you and Mitt's “Furry Buddies”!  Today, it is raining God's tears for Mitt.

Rest in Peace my beloved “furry friend”. Bryan and I will celebrate our love as the trumpets sound loudly in your honor.

Herb and Bryan

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