Dear Uncle Herb,

Mom is running around like a nut getting ready for the trip to California, so she asked me to write the note with instructions like you asked. She thought you might get a kick out of me writing it. Well, typing it. I can’t hold a pen but walking over the keyboard is one of my favorite things to do! I’m super excited that you’re gonna take care of us again! Martha is already stressing because the suitcase is out. She’s my sister and I love her, but when she’s stressed or scared she can be a “B”. I hope you won’t take it personally if she’s not as friendly! She even hisses at me sometimes… usually after I pounce on her tail… Anyway, below are the instructions.

  • We get 1 can of wet food per day: 1/4 can each in the morning and 1/4 can each in the evening.
  • We get one green scooper of dry food divided between our bowls in the morning and the same in the evening.
  • The plants get 1 large watering can of water a day or 1.5-2 cans every other day.
  • I really really really want to go outside. I see dogs out there all the time. Also birds and squirrels and bugs… but mom says I’m not allowed. Ugh! So she shakes our treats in the bedroom and puts them on the floor there and shuts the bedroom door before going out. I know how to open the door from the guest bedroom, so she shuts Martha and me in the master bedroom. I know what’s happening, but I love my treats so much I let it happen anyway…
  • Treats are in the pantry in a blue/purple “Whiskers” bag or a blue “blue buffalo” bag… sometimes I try to climb the pantry to get them for fun.

Can’t wait to see you soon! Mom says if you need anything don’t hesitate to call.

  Love, George (and Martha)

– Laura S. - Atlanta (6/25/2015)

Mitts pets has been truly amazing! I'm a non Georgia native living in Atl for law school. With my busy work and school schedule I needed help with my fur baby (Siberian Husky). I did ALOT of research and interviewed a lot of people before I found Mitts Pets.

The other walkers I found were not use to a "big dog" and only would let them out to potty and that's it. Not only did my fur baby love Herb the moment they met but he walks  for a half hour, lets them potty and makes sure she gets some water!

Herb has been fantastic, if there is a package at the front door he will bring it in and let me know, and after every visit I always get a text letting me know when he came and how my fur baby is doing.

It's not easy finding someone you trust letting into your home and having access to your four legged child but Mitts Pets has been beyond perfect!

– Alyssa S.- Atlanta (6/25/2015)


For quite a while I have been meaning to write about the incredible service I receive from Mitt's Pets of Atlanta. Herb is the animal guru. My dogs were barking too much, he helped to find a solution. My dogs were stressing out, he had at least 5 remedies. This may sound silly, but Herb has become such an important part of my dogs' routine and life. I have total trust and confidence in him. And Mitt is quite a character as well!

– Vickie H. - Atlanta (05/09/2014)

Dear Mitt's Pets:

I travel quite a bit for work and also quite a bit for pleasure. Prior to Mitt's Pets, I attempted to board my cat and that ended in disaster, as well as an injury to my cat who can't stand to be in any sort of cage.  I've now traveled twice with Mitt's Pets taking care of my cat, Maafi.  I can't begin to say what a relief it is to have Herb with Mitt's Pets take care of him.  Maafi is happy and healthy when I travel.  I also have less stress because not only does Herb follow the routine that I already have with Maafi, but while I am traveling each time Herb visits I get a text or email telling me how everything is going.  I now have a very long trip planned later in the summer and I know I leave with full confidence that my cat is being well taken care of in his own environment.  That sort of confidence and lack of stress (for both me and my cat) is hard to put a price on.  Yet, Mitt's Pets is the most affordable service I found in Atlanta.  Very grateful for finding Mitt's Pets and the care they show towards my pet.

Thanks so much for all you do for Maafi and for me.

– Laura M. - Atlanta (06/06/2013)

Dear Mitt's Pets:

My rescue Shelties, Chance and Bello are crazy about Herb with Mitt's Pets. I returned to teaching after retiring and my boys need love and affection. I know they are getting lots of TLC and a good walk in the middle of the day. They are “happy dogs”!

– Cheryl B. - Atlanta (04/27/2013)